Tuesday, April 25, 2006

A bird's feather

this website's old management pressed the self-destruct button on this blog. So, I clicked the re-construct button!

(this was not hacking, just starting a new blog with the same address - it seems our old friend got scared of some karma coming down the road headed his way)

Please click below to learn more of the controversy,
who his fanclub was (Stormfront Ireland)
and who might his employer be?....

——— ——— ——— ———
What was the old 'Indymedia Ireland Watch' website like?
Pretty nutty....
Click below for the last Google cache of the old Indymedia Ireland Watch website:
[4meg .pdf format file!]
——— ——— ——— ———

For more info please read:
What Is The Sindo and The Rest of O'Reilly's Empire Doing?